What Your Agency's Accounts Can Tell You About Which Clients To Win

Rob te Braake, Founder at InsightMatters, talks to Charlotte about what an agency needs to know about their finances to set goals and become more profitable.

Listen into this episode for insights like:

  • How Bookkeeping Can Drive Profit Growth
  • A Financial Perspective on Goal Setting
  • The Most Commonly Used Key Metrics
  • Better Understanding Profitability

Show notes:

>> Free agency marketing mini course https://kaffeen.mykajabi.com/kaffeen-free-agency-marketing-mini-course

>> https://financeinsightmatters.com/

>> https://financeinsightmatters.com/kaffeenespresso/

Resources mentioned in this episode:
> Lead Flow Sprint > https://www.kaffeen.club/lfs <
> Win Clients Consistently > https://www.kaffeen.club/wcc <
> Client Magnet Book > https://www.kaffeen.club/book <

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