Lead Flow Sprint For Design Agencies:


Implement a Tried and Tested Lead Generation System
in Less Than 8 Weeks

Between January 15th and March 8th 2024:

  • Get a fully functioning lead generation system designed to put your agency on the radar of ideal new business

  •  Benefit from direct weekly support from a design-agency specialist with over 17 years of experience helping agencies scale

  • Work with a copy and messaging specialist to transform your copy across the board


“I benefited more than I thought I ever would. I knew I was going to get help with the lead generation piece, but there was so much more value. Even the messaging blueprint alone…I was like ‘wow, I’ve got my money’s worth already.’

... All of the team have just been amazing. I didn’t realise when I signed up how strong the team behind Charlotte was going to be, it has been amazing.”

Clare, agency owner & Lead Flow Sprint client

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Get Your Agency On the Radar of New Business


Ever wonder why some agencies consistently win new business while other, really talented teams, are left wondering what it takes?
You find yourself questioning how to get the attention of certain senior decision makers.

You’ve watched the competition win big projects with these companies, charging double your rates, and knowing they don’t have nearly the amount of talent as you or your team.

You’ve put together extensive briefs, conducted social listening, and have dedicated precious hours to proposals that end up in someone’s inbox without a response.

You rarely receive a clear indication of why that one company went with someone else.

It can feel endlessly challenging when leads seem scarce and as though all the best brands are already taken.
If you’re not getting direct referrals, you’re likely not securing consistent work.

This is your sign to reimagine how you bring in new leads to your agency. 

Instead of relying on the same list of referrals or getting burned by old methods of trying to get the attention of new business, there’s another option:

An automated lead generation system that… 

  • Attracts new potential clients even during peak periods when your workload typically expands
  • Keeps you prepared and paid during the times of year that are generally slower
  • Makes sure you’re no longer over relying on the business of any single client
  • Relieves your agency of that perpetual cycle of chasing down new leads 
  • Does not require a big marketing budget, sales team, or even ads

You can get the attention of brands that currently feel out of reach:
“I’m keen to work with agencies and brands in the United States. But advertising to agencies in New York was incredibly expensive…So they [my marketing agency] said they’re stopping advertising to the New York area.

Whereas, with what Charlotte’s doing with Kaffeen, that is not an issue because you find whomever you want and reach those people directly, so you’re not have to do the advertising thing. It opens up the whole world as an opportunity instead of being constrained by our marketing budget”

Christian, agency owner & Lead Flow Sprint client.

Benefit from Our Direct Guidance as You Implement a Robust Automated Lead Generation System.

  • Refine your unique value proposition: We’ll help you pinpoint a standout, high-value offer you can make that’ll grab the attention of bigger clients
  • Make copywriting a breeze: You’ll work directly with my conversion copywriter to craft the words that resonate with your best-fit clients.
  • Take the guesswork out of where the leads are coming from. You’ll have my direct support and exact systems for setting up your lead generation in six-eight weeks.
  • Punch above your weight. With your polished messaging and lead strategy, competitor concerns become scarce.


You’ll have a new lead generation system that distinguishes your Agency and draws in new ideal clients without you having to hire a marketing agency or find an advertising budget. 

All by March 8th, 2024

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What you can expect 


  • New Business Audit: Access to self-audit template (value £250)
  • Online Visibility Audit: Charlotte’s expert insights shared via PDF and video (value £798)
  • Messaging & Copy Audits: Get feedback from our incredible copy coach Sarah Lucille (Value £2700)

If you prefer to delegate the programme to a team member for implementation, we welcome and support that choice!

Deadline to enrol is January 14th.

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“The feedback has been very good from both Charlotte and Sarah Lucille where they have a way of explaining…and that's hard to do without making the other person feel even worse than they already feel.

So the fact they can give feedback honestly and still get that balance is really impressive because it's not easy…Charlotte gets it, and that makes a massive difference.

It reassures you that you can do it and that she's got your back.”

Mark, agency owner & Lead Flow Sprint client

Hi there - I'm Charlotte

Your Dynamic Guide to Success for the Next 8 Weeks!

As the esteemed founder of Kaffeen, I bring my 17 years of experience to the table, poised to assist your design agency in growing and excelling.

No unnecessary fluff or sugar-coating with me – only honest advice that yields results. I comprehend design agencies' challenges, and I'm here to understand your situation and motivate you to unleash your agency's complete potential.

My approach prioritises clarity and informality, cutting through the clutter to concentrate on what truly matters. You won't find any "Dear Sirs, Madam" formalities here – just practical guidance tailored to your distinct challenges and objectives.

You'll sense my enthusiasm and vitality as I wholeheartedly commit to your success. Your results are my utmost concern, and I take pride in furnishing you with the assistance and knowledge required for your flourishing.

When you work with Kaffeen, you're not just another client – you're at the core of our attention. Anticipate unmatched involvement and attention throughout our shared journey.


“When starting a new marketing activity, whether you’re a small or large agency, it pays to use the insight of someone who’s been there many times before…”

Debbie Inman, Bulletproof



“[Before working with Kaffeen] I had no clear idea or plan and had wasted lots of money trying to work out what was best for my agency, our current size and future growth plans.”

Emma Sexton, Inside Out


Be the Agency Ahead of the Curve

Have ever you seen (or written down) this line of copy before: 

“Award winning design agency.” 

You would be among the 400,000+ other agencies to do so. 

Awards are wonderful and well-deserved. But they don’t mean a whole lot to many modern brands looking for the services you offer. 

It’s not news that many agencies are still very tangled up in old school, very tiring, marketing practices.

Any of these sound familar?

  • Design agencies of all sizes who recognise the urgent need to prioritise their lead generation and are ready to take action immediately.

  • Agencies that have exhausted their current lead generation strategies and are eager to embrace a new approach, open-minded and willing to test new methods.

  • Those who actively seek and value constructive feedback and are open to critique.

  • Agencies committed to growth and willing to invest time and effort for long-term ROI.

Put yourself on the map on coveted brands by demonstrating how you help THEM.

  • Speak their language. 

  •  Prove that you know how to solve THEIR problems. 

  •  Make your offer so undeniably irresistible that they’re coming to YOU for a conversation. 

     That’s the kind of lead generation system I’m talking about helping you set up for your agency. 

    One where you can punch well above your weight and get noticed. 


How You’ll Attract Your Ideal, Willing-to-Pay-Well Clients:

I'm not about to unveil some industry secrets that magically appear once you bring me on board. The path to attracting new clients is pretty straightforward:

  • Understand your niche
  • Craft your messaging with precision
  • Develop an irresistible lead magnet
  • Nurture the connection consistently until the sale

Most agencies I converse with admit they know what they should be doing, yet they're struggling to allocate the time to set it in motion. 

Or perhaps they're unsure about adapting it to suit their business.

Most business consultants and coaches fail to grasp the intricacies of the design realm.

But I understand design. Kaffeen has now served over 1300 agencies with our resources, producing a wealth of data on what yields results and what falls flat.

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Ready to Finally Bid Farewell to Uncertainty When it Comes to Finding New Clients? 


Done with the feast-and-famine cycle in your agency's workflow? Let’s get you the stability and sustainable client acquisition you've been dreaming of.

Picture your Agency in front of the right people at the right now and you didn’t even have to chase them down – those qualified leads came genuinely interested in what your agency has to offer. 

Rest easy, knowing you've invested the time to create a powerful lead generation system that consistently attracts inbound leads and an engaging nurture system that keeps them hooked.

We get started January 8th to March 1st, 2024.

As long as you show up and do the work, by March 1st, you’ll have the lead generation system set up and ready to go. 

Spots are limited and time is running out.


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“When we started working together, she became my mentor, a true coach who teaches you how to do things and that is exactly what I was looking for - someone to teach me things instead of telling me what to do."

Harshada Desai, Founder, theObservatory

“I really wish I had met Charlotte 12 months ago as I knew I wanted to get to a smarter approach to my agency marketing but I just couldn’t work it out by myself…”

Emma Sexton, Founder, Inside Out

“Our first client win after starting work with Charlotte represented a return on investment of over 1600%.”

Andrew Slade, Co-Founder, Popp Studio

“It has been a real pleasure working with Charlotte at Kaffeen. She really took the time to understand the business and how we could create impact together using her tried and tested tools and techniques.”

David Austick, Founder, Flashlight


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