Lead Flow Sprint For Design Agencies 

Build Your Own Inner Circle Of High-Paying Clients 

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When you create your own network of ideal clients, you don’t have to compete for attention.
Lead Flow Sprint is our flagship service where we help you create strategic connections that get you key conversation with high-paying clients. 
The industry giants already have their circles. As a talented creative, don’t settle with being the one on the outside looking in, battling to gain visibility with the wrong people. 
We show you how to elevate your agency with a bespoke strategy that attracts the right attention—without the need for old school strategies meant for old school agencies. 

What It Is: 

Lead Flow Sprint reframes how you engage with potential big clients. 
Instead of the conventional sales methods that cause the all-too-common feast and famine cycle that plagues creative businesses, we focus on leveraging one platform to build strategic relationships that organically lead to high-level conversations with your ideal clients. 
You can shift away from relying on inconsistent referrals, awkward sales pitches, and random marketing tasks to forming meaningful partnerships that liberate your time, allowing you to focus on what you do best—being creative.

What To Expect:

With a focus on one platform and one strategic niche, we show you how to offer value in a way that initiates and sustains conversations that matter. These aren't just fleeting exchanges; they're the foundation of your new, intentional network. You’re building your own circle that is more likely to choose your unique creative services over the rest.
We examine your current visibility, messaging and copy thoroughly to develop a clear, personalised blueprint with precise next steps—so you're never left wondering what to do. 
Next, we guide you in creating each element of the strategy that ensures you start conversations with ideal potential clients within the first two weeks. With ongoing support, we evaluate your results and offer you straightforward, data-based advice on any adjustments.

Who We Help:

Lead Flow Sprint is ideal for creative entrepreneurs and creative agency founders who are determined to fill their client roster and maintain a waiting list of potential clients.
Our clients range from graphic designers, agency founders/leaders, creative directors, consultants, and event planners to digital marketers, brand strategists, and content creators.
Whether you’re a one-person operation or a full-fledged team of 30+ employees, we’re set up to support your unique business model. 

Why Now Is The Time:

When traditional referral pipelines dry up and the market feels saturated with low-value offers, it’s time to redefine how you attract and engage clients. With Lead Flow Sprint, bring joy back into your work and showcase your creativity in a way that attracts clients who understand and value what you offer.
The commitment? After your bespoke new business strategy is in place, it only requires 30 minutes a (working) day to maintain. 

Next Steps:

You can enrol now if you know you’re ready for this investment. 
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Or if you have questions, we can discuss what makes the most sense for your agency.
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“I benefited more than I thought I ever would. I knew I was going to get help with the lead generation piece, but there was so much more value. Even the messaging blueprint alone…I was like ‘wow, I’ve got my money’s worth already.’
... All of the team have just been amazing. I didn’t realise when I signed up how strong the team behind Charlotte was going to be, it has been amazing.”
Clare, Agency Owner & Lead Flow Sprint Client


 You can get the attention of brands that currently feel out of reach:
“I’m keen to work with agencies and brands in the United States. But advertising to agencies in New York was incredibly expensive…So they [my marketing agency] said they’re stopping advertising to the New York area.
Whereas, with what Charlotte’s doing with Kaffeen, that is not an issue because you find whomever you want and reach those people directly, so you’re not have to do the advertising thing. It opens up the whole world as an opportunity instead of being constrained by our marketing budget”
Christian, Agency Owner & Lead Flow Sprint Client

What to Expect:


You’ll receive an agreement, an NDA, and an invoice. Then, the bulk of your assessment begins.

Messaging Audit

You’ll complete the steps to thoroughly examine your overall messaging and copy. This process concludes with a 1:1 in-depth messaging session with our conversion copy specialist, who will then put together your Lead Flow Sprint Messaging Blueprint.

Audit With Charlotte

Charlotte will also do a thorough audit of your current visibility and list-building strategies and start you out with specific strategies to focus on in your kickoff call. 

Accelerated Deep Dive into Curriculum

Lead Flow Sprint is backed by a tested and proven curriculum that takes you through each essential step in setting up a new business strategy. This includes how to get quick wins while you set other pieces in place, identifying your most important point of difference, nailing your niche, perfecting your prospect list, prepping and finalising your generous, client-wowing resource, your tech stack sorted, and finding, connecting with, and nurturing key potential client relationships. That includes the proposal, follow-up, and how to scale up from there.  

You will have access to this content as long as you are part of Lead Flow Sprint. You can renew as many times as needed.

Ongoing Reviews and Feedback

 We set you up to tackle each aspect in sprints. During each sprint, you’ll submit what you’ve completed for a full review and direct feedback on what to adjust before going live. You’re getting access to reviews from both our conversion copy specialist and Charlotte.

Office Hours

You have the opportunity to join group work sessions to get focused work complete on your planned sprint. And you can book office hours with Charlotte to review your current strategy and workload in real time.

Logistical Matters




Three months. Option to get discounted ongoing consulting at the end of the Sprint.


Once payment is made, a kickoff call can be scheduled within 1-2 weeks, depending on the time of year.


Up to three months of guidance, including:

  • 5 hour-long one-to-one calls at specific intervals based on milestones.
  • A marketing and new business development plan tailored to your agency’s specific stage and situation.
  • Personalised Messaging Blueprint to guide all of the copy for your lead generation funnel.
  • Access to self-study materials for you to implement recommendations made.
  • Up to 2 weekly strategy and implementation audits with feedback from Charlotte on request throughout the Sprint.
  • Up to 2 weekly messaging and copy audits, with feedback from our conversion copy coach Sarah Lucille on request, throughout the Sprint.
  • Opportunity to attend fortnightly group implementation calls during your sprint.

Qualification Overview

If you prefer to delegate the programme to a team member for implementation, we welcome and support that choice, but to engage in the Lead Flow Sprint, a principal must be willing to participate in milestone calls.

The best use of our expertise is to take firms with testimonials and results in 1-3 client niches, and have previously considered or used an external agency to generate leads but want to bring this in-house.

If that doesn't feel like your agency yet, consider this Kaffeen service to help you get there.

Cost. £4500 + VAT

Payment Terms. Three monthly auto-pay instalments. Non-refundable. 

About Charlotte Ellis Maldari:

Since 2007, Charlotte Ellis Maldari has built a career focused on helping creative agencies grow.
Her experience spans from being the Marketing Director at BrandOpus, where she helped expand the company from 30 to 100 employees, to running her consultancy, Kaffeen.
At Kaffeen, she dedicates herself to guiding creative businesses through gaining new clients and expanding their reach.
Charlotte's deep understanding of the industry comes from years of firsthand experience in both agency settings and client management, making her an expert in practical, effective business solutions for creatives.

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