Do you know where your next new client is coming from?


Do you have a marketing plan if your current source of clients dries up? 
Do you get new business enquiries every day without a large team or budget?

If yes, you can close this page and carry on. 
But if you answered “no” to any of these questions and you want more control over new business so you aren’t reliant only on referrals or a handful of clients.

You need Win Clients Consistently

Find new business sustainably. Without hiring a team or spending hours!
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Your design agency is growing.

But it’s not all roses.

There are growing pains and you know it.

In fact, tell me if you’ve experienced any of the following: 

>> You’re getting new business but you don’t have a lot of control over it. Word of mouth and your networks are where you get business from and let’s face it … that’s not sustainable. 

>> Sure, you’re busy! BUT that usually means finding new business gets ignored. Cue the anxiety of not having enough quality clients. 

>> You’re hiring people to do the work but then… suddenly, the work drops off and now you have a bigger team and less work than before!

>> You feel like you’re making the efforts but you don’t know whether they’re the right ones or if you’re doing enough. 

>> You’re worried about saying the wrong thing and get discouraged when your efforts fall flat.  

 Worse… you never feel like you have time to do marketing justice. 
Sound familiar?
Well, you’re not alone. And you’re not wrong to be worried.

The UK Design Industry is a £76.9 billion a year industry – contributing an incredible £8.8 million to the UK economy every hour. 


Source: Design Council

While it’s great to know that there’s a ton of growth and potential in the design industry, this number also means there’s a lot of noise out there.

How can you stand out? Get noticed? Find the right clients with the right budget? 

And how do you do it all without feeling like you’re a pushy salesperson? Or without finding a way to clone yourself? 

Because let’s be honest… you have limited time and a limited marketing budget. 


The “Time-Money-Team” Conundrum Facing Design Agency Owners

Most small design agency owners find themselves balancing a billion different plates and it is hard
You can only do so much in a day. And there are constant fires that need putting out. 

>> You consider hiring a marketing agency (and spend an arm and a leg to do so!) but then… you don’t know whether they’re even doing the job right. 

>> You think about hiring someone in-house. Unfortunately, you have no time to train them, and maybe you don’t even know what to ask them to do. Because business development isn’t your core skill.

>> You can’t keep pouring money into marketing efforts that yield zip, zilch, nada!

>> Word of mouth and referrals are great but you’d love a sustainable source of leads and consistent lead generation so you don’t have so many ups and downs. 

>> You love the idea of a system running in the background so clients of the right calibre who’ve got the right budgets find you at the right time. Without you having to chase after them. 

>> You want to reach a place where your design agency has recognition and awareness so you don’t have to rely on personal introductions and on getting in with the “right people.” Instead, you can do your best work while your lead generation hums along nicely.

Part of you knows there has to be an easier, more efficient way to get new business.

A way that isn’t aggressive, pushy, or time-consuming. 

A way that uses automation but without being impersonal and cold. 

A way that gives you tangible, tailored-to-you results in the shape of right-fit leads. 

How do you make all of this happen without spending hundreds of hours or thousands of pounds every month?


The Win Clients Consistently
6 Stage System for finding
new business fast

This 6-stage system has been tested extensively by design agency owners and founders like you who know they need more new business leads fast, but don't have any idea how, and can't afford or don't want to use an external resource.

It removes all the friction and resistance you feel around not being a “natural” salesperson

It gives you the confidence you need to win new business on a consistent and sustainable basis.  

Niche and Challenges

In this stage, you develop a clear target audience for each quarter of the year, identify key challenges the decision-makers in these sectors face, and use this data to create a 500-5000 strong list of named prospects in each industry.

Generous Resource

Next, you create a free resource for prospective clients addressing a key challenge they face that YOU can credibly resolve for them. By the end of this stage, you’ll have developed a truly helpful resource that your prospects would be happy to exchange their email addresses to receive. 


Then, you approach your prospective clients in an intelligent, well-received way. By the end of this stage, you’ll be connecting with 100 targeted potential clients a week (with the opportunity to scale much further) with an offer that they genuinely appreciate, setting you aside from the masses.

Raise Hand for Resource

In this stage, you’ll use automation to distribute the generous resource to your interested prospective clients, so you’ll get “raised hands” interested in your company. 

Converse and Call

Time for you to move your interested prospects to a chemistry phone call so you can consistently connect with 3+ qualified, targeted prospective clients on a weekly basis.

Following Up

Turn your chemistry call findings into a tailored and resistance-removing proposal and ensure you stay front of mind with a robust yet automated keeping-in-touch strategy!

Developed by seasoned new business expert...

Hi! I’m Charlotte Ellis Maldari.

I know exactly how you feel. Because I’ve been doing this daily since leaving University in 2007.

I’ve worked in an agency as head of marketing and new business. And at a new business lead generation agency, working across 4 agency accounts.

And finally, consulting with agencies directly, under the Kaffeen brand. 

In fact, prior to founding Kaffeen, I was Marketing Director at leading London brand design agency BrandOpus

While there, I supported the scaling of the business from a boutique agency of 30 to a global market leader with a staff of 100 people, directed all marketing across Europe, America, and Asia, and supported the launch of new, global offices to successfully win new business.

All of this to say not only do I know what I’m doing, I know it well. 

I’ve worn all the hats. I know this niche. I’m obsessed with the role design plays in clients’ businesses.

Let me keep your studio busy. 
Let me give you the support you need. 

Let me help you win more clients consistently.

Agencies I've had the pleasure of working with

“Charlotte’s years of experience in the field make her a uniquely safe pair of hands when it comes to raising the profile of your agency…”

Avril Tooley, Managing Director, Butterfly Cannon

"Within 2 weeks of setting a campaign into action that Charlotte guided us on, we won our second biggest client in the history of Popp Studio."

- Andrew Slade, MD, Popp Studio

“Charlotte’s work with Bulletproof has secured us 6 award wins in just 18 months and 3 competitions. Including a Gold 2019 Design Effectiveness Award: 1 of 8 given!”

- Debbie Inman, Head of Comms, Bulletproof

Get new business effectively and efficiently with
Win Clients Consistently


A step-by-step, self-paced program to help you understand how to implement each stage so you can create a sustainable lead generation system that runs almost on autopilot and builds your reputation, gets you noticed, and brings the right clients to your virtual doorstep. 

You don’t have the time to sift through the kind of generic marketing advice that the Internet is infamous for. 

You want strategic, step-by-step, tailored-to-you systems and strategies. No more flinging spaghetti at the already messy wall. 

By the time you’re done with the programme, you’ll have answers to questions like, “What kind of content to create?” and “What words to use?”

You’ll know how to use automation to save time while keeping warmth and personality in your brand. 

You’ll have tools and resources to use so you don’t waste money figuring things out on your own. Or hiring expensive internal or external marketing consultants. 

"We now have clarity and a super smart approach. 

We have really strong foundations in place which are not costing me lots of time, money and effort to maintain

What I love the most is the use of smart automation. You really made it simple to understand and get in place.” 

- Emma, CEO, Hands Down

“Since we started to work together, my audience has doubled to 20K people and is now a key source of inbound opportunities for my business. I’m very happy indeed!” 

- Laura, Founder, The Field Pantry

“The most helpful part of working with Kaffeen was lots of documentation of all the things we’ve worked on and we need to do so we didn’t have to keep track ourselves. 

Since working with Kaffeen, I see marketing and new business as a longer term, continuous activity that can be more automated and run in the background.”

- Sam Lester, Co Founder, Ink Trap

Start winning clients consistently today

How Win Clients Consistently Shows You the Path
to Consistent Lead Generation

Get the support you need, when you need it with On-Demand Office Hours

Have a question for me? Coming up against a roadblock when designing your generous resource? Need some insights on a specific lesson?

You can submit your question via VideoAsk and I’ll answer it in 3 working days. 

Plus… you also have access to the Office Hours Library. Chances are you’ll find a wealth of information in there, thanks to the amazing questions asked by your fellow agency owners

“It has been a real pleasure working with Charlotte at Kaffeen. She really took the time to understand the business and how we could create impact together using her tried-and-tested tools and techniques… I would highly recommend getting in touch with Charlotte if you are looking to elevate your marketing and business development.” 


David Austick - Founder, Flashlight

Take the Win Clients Consistently tour

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Best part?

This is self-paced learning at its finest. Access it anywhere, anytime. 

You’re not on the clock here. You don’t have to commute to class. You don’t have to spend time hunting for resources to implement what you learn. 
You have everything you need at your fingertips. 

You can watch from the comfort of your couch and master the art of marketing your design agency confidently and consistently. 

There is nothing spammy, salesy, or aggressive about this approach. It’s client-centric and builds your reputation while bringing the right clients to your agency door. 

Design schools gave you the skills you need to do the work you do. BUT no one gave you the business skills you need to win that work. 

Until now

Now you have Win Clients Consistently to show you how to get new business consistently and confidently without pushiness or overwhelm.

You have lifetime access so you can dip in and out and implement it as you go. You discover how to (finally!) develop a lightweight, low cost and highly effective new business strategy that opens conversations with thousands of targeted prospective clients per year!

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Choose the most cost effective option for your agency

The single-pay option
  • All 6 video modules with 32 lessons
  • 12 x worksheets to help you implement
  • 5 x resources to accelerate results
  • 6 x recommended tools so you never guess what tech will work best
  • On-demand Office Hours to get answers to your questions
  • Office Hours Library so you can learn from your fellow agency owners questions

Single payment of £1796

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The pay-over-time option
  • All 6 video modules with 32 lessons
  • 12 x worksheets to help you implement
  • 5 x resources to accelerate results
  • 6 x recommended tools so you never guess what tech will work best
  • On-demand Office Hours to get answers to your questions
  • Office Hours Library so you can learn from your fellow agency owners questions

Start with one payment of £449
followed by 3 monthly instalments of £449 each

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“Charlotte is kind and generous. She is extremely organised. I loved that about her because it meant we worked for 4 months straight with no distractions and followed a plan.

After 4 months of working with Charlotte, I’m now more confident about my business and I have smart tricks to approaching new clients and generating business.”

Harshada Desai - Founder, The Observatory

Get 10x the ROI in 6 Months Or Get Your Money Back

Testing a new system always feels scary so I want you to put those fears aside knowing your enrolment in Win Clients Consistently is protected at all times. 

I’m confident you’ll 10x (or more!) your investment in 6 months with a project that’s at least 10 times the cost of what you’d invest in the program. 

But you do need to do the work. I will make the work as effective and simple for you as possible but at the end of the day, you do need to implement the program to see the results. 

If by the end of 6 months, you’ve implemented every step of the Win Clients Consistently System and aren’t seeing the perfect leads for projects that are at least 10x your investment show up in your pipeline, email me at [email protected] with the screenshots of the work done and a link to your Generous Resource and I’ll refund your money. 

Have a question for me? Coming up against a roadblock when designing your generous resource? Need some insights on a specific lesson? You can submit your question to Office Hours via VideoAsk and I’ll answer it in 3 working days. 

Plus you also have access to the Office Hours Library. Chances are you’ll find a wealth of information in there, thanks to the amazing questions asked by your fellow agency owners

Get new business. Outpace the competition. 
Build reputation.

In as little as 2 weeks, you can go from wondering whether your pipeline will ever be consistently filled to having 50-100 targeted potential clients a week. 

You have complete control over how fast or slow you want to generate new business. You know exactly what to say, when to say it and  how to say it. You waste no time or effort on “hacks” that don’t help. 

And the beauty of all of this is that you build a repeatable, automated system so you can keep optimising it whenever needed. 

Your design agency attracts a recurring stream of customers and now filling that pipeline will no longer be a challenge. 

Win Clients Consistently is perfect for you if you agree with any of the following:

>> You’re a small design agency (2-10 people) with big growth goals. But you don’t have a lot of time or money to devote to new business.

>> You have a mid-sized agency (11-40 people) and even though you have the budget for marketing, you would like more control over the process.

>> You’ve been growing but you worry your growth isn’t sustainable since most business comes via referrals and word of mouth.

>> You are saying “yes” to non-ideal clients, having to lay off staff and even considering going back to a “job” in someone else’s agency.

>> You want an easy-to-use, low-price solution that gets you new business without sales feeling “icky” or sleazy.

I need Win Clients Consistently
Smart agency owners like you asked these questions before signing up

A final word from me to you

Growing an agency isn’t easy. But it can be effective. I’m passionate about supporting UK design agencies because I can see the impact it has on our economy. 

More than that? 

I can see the brilliance that UK design agencies bring to the global table. But that brilliance is of no use if you can’t reach and sign the clients who desperately need your work. 

Marketing and new business are so badly misunderstood and I’m on a mission of sorts to change that. 

Now as much as I’d love to,  I honestly can’t work 1-on-1 with everyone, but at the same time,  I want YOU to have access to the exact approach I use with my clients so you can get new business without getting overwhelmed.

And here’s the thing … 

I want you to be able to sleep easy at night knowing that there’s a wealth of people who are aware of your agency and are considering you for future projects. 

I want you to have an efficient and cost-effective way of reaching these people. One that doesn’t take a ton of time or money. 

Most importantly, I want to add more humanity to our industry with plain-talking, Yorkshire honesty. 

You don’t need to sweet-talk, stonewall, or sleazebag your way into sales. 

Let me show you how. 
Start winning clients consistently today