Move new business from the bottom of the to-do list to the 'Done' list

Win Clients Consistently Bootcamp


A step-by-step FREE training to help busy design agency owners find (and close) the right prospects with the right budgets.

By Charlotte Ellis Maldari, Kaffeen, a seasoned new business expert for ambitious agencies with no time to waste.

Finding the right-fit clients with the right budget feels like climbing Everest without a guide.

It’s hard and you often fall behind (and get lost) often

This means even if you have a full pipeline today, there are no guarantees you’ll be booked solid 6 months down the line. In fact, you frequently find yourself worrying about where the next project will come from.

Inconsistent leads = 
inconsistent income

And let’s be honest … it’s not like you’re not trying hard enough.

Chances are you are making the effort. 

But the results aren’t showing up the way they should. 

Probably because like most agency owners, you’re a creative at heart. Not a salesperson. 

Or because most of your leads come through referrals and you don’t know where to start with new business. 

PLUS finding new business is time-consuming. You only have so many hours during the day. And more often than not, new business ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. 

You’re not alone.


Most design agency founders wear multiple hats and juggle a billion tasks. 

You know you want to confidently market your services and get new business. But you don’t want it at the cost of burning your yearly budget out or feeling sleazy while selling your services. 

So, how can you ensure you not only find the perfect prospects but also close them confidently? Without spending every second on marketing or pouring money down the drain? 

Most importantly, can you do this without morphing into a pushy salesperson?

The Win Clients Consistently Bootcamp

Create (and Execute) a Marketing Plan to Put Perfect Prospects in the Pipeline

  • The easy-button Perfect Prospect Cheatsheet so you aren’t wasting time with prospects who can’t afford you or won’t be the best fit for your agency
  • The 6 stages to help you develop selling confidence, attract hot leads and generate consistent income confidently
  • The 1 step you can take to go from feeling frustrated and anxious about new business to knowing you have a practical, proactive plan in place that will bring leads and clients to you … consistently!
  • The client-centric New Business Call Sheet to help you close new business even if you dislike sales
  • The 5 areas of marketing that are crucial for attracting perfect prospects
Get more leads consistently

and close confidently too!

This FREE Bootcamp is for the agency owner who is ready to... 

Deploy effective but simple strategies so you can attract new business without feeling like a pushy salesperson. 

Feel confident about what you’re doing and saying in your marketing Because you know it is directly linked to helping you generate more revenue and profit while still being client-centric 

Save time and money when finding and closing clients consistently. Inconsistent lead flow, no more!

This is perfect for me

So… how will you get more leads consistently with this Bootcamp?

Inside the Bootcamp, you’ll find strategies that show you:

> How to bring the most prospects to your pipeline and how to use a “keeping in touch strategy” with perfect prospects.

How to stay top-of-mind with content that gives your agency a competitive advantage and actually interests your prospects.

How not to turn events into a giant waste of time and instead, use events to generate revenue and profit.

The secret to being super savvy about awards, because these can be a money drain. 

The two oft-ignored keys to developing selling confidence so you don’t shy away from new business but bring it to the door.

How to streamline and systematise reaching new prospects using an intuitive platform that works like a charm.

The alternative to a “sales call” and a massively underutilised strategy that you can use to convert prospects into paying clients. 

> and much more.
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Hi! I am Charlotte Ellis Maldari.
And I know exactly how you feel, because I have been doing this daily since leaving University in 2007.

I’ve worked in an agency as head of marketing and new business. And at a new business lead generation agency, working across 4 agency accounts.

And finally, consulting with agencies directly, under the Kaffeen brand. 

In fact, prior to founding Kaffeen, I was Marketing Director at leading London brand design agency BrandOpus

While there, I supported the scaling of the business from a boutique agency of 30 to a global market leader with a staff of 100 people, directing all marketing across Europe, America, and Asia, supporting the launch of new, global offices to successfully win new business.

ALL of this to say … not only do I know what I’m doing, I know it well

I’ve worn all the hats. I know this niche. I’m obsessed with the role design plays in clients’ businesses.

Let me keep your studio busy. Let me help you win more clients consistently. 

Agencies I’ve had the pleasure of working with…

“I really wish I had met Charlotte 12 months ago as I knew I wanted to get to a smarter approach to my agency marketing but I just couldn’t work it out by myself.” 

- Emma - CEO, Hands Down

"Within 2 weeks of setting a campaign into action that Charlotte guided us on, we won our second biggest client in the history of Popp Studio."

- Andrew Slade, MD, Popp Studio

“Since we started to work together, my audience has doubled to 20K people and is now a key source of inbound opportunities for my business.” 

- Laura, Founder, The Field Pantry

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