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Client Magnet eBook

 70% of agencies say they don't know where to start with marketing and new business.
This book removes that problem.

Inside this new book from Kaffeen, you'll discover the 97 most effective sales and marketing tactics employed by the most successful agencies that have the potential to increase your profile with prospects dramatically.

"I really wish I had met Charlotte 12 months ago as I knew I wanted to get to a smarter approach to my agency marketing, but I just couldn't work it out by myself. In just a few weeks, she has already elevated our marketing/sales activity by 1000%. She is easy to work with, generous with her knowledge and insights - highly recommended."
Emma Sexton - CEO & Founder, Hands Down

"When starting a new marketing activity, whether you’re a small or large agency, it pays to use the insight of someone who’s been there many times before. That’s what Charlotte offered us at Bulletproof, and why we continue to work together."
Debbie Inman - Head of Comms, Bulletproof

"Charlotte’s years of experience in the field make her a uniquely safe pair of hands when it comes to raising the profile of your agency… I have every reason to believe her skills will set your business on the path to similar success."
Avril Tooley - Managing Director, Butterfly Cannon

"Working with Charlotte has unlocked a confidence about the way we approach new business that has delivered immediate results. Within 2 weeks of setting a campaign into action that Charlotte guided us on, we won our second biggest client in the history of Popp Studio. This opportunity arose directly from the actions we took under Charlotte’s guidance, and represented a return on investment of over 1600% the fees we’d spent on Kaffeen at that point.”
Andrew Slade - MD, Popp Studio

“The work that Charlotte led definitely resulted in the agency punching far above its weight in terms of awareness, recognition and having a point of view (just before absolutely EVERYONE had a point of view!)”
Helen Priestley – Marketing Director, Muller, MoneyCorp, First Direct, News UK, McCain Foods.