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Win Clients Consistently: Zero to 100 leads per week

Get your new business pipeline off to an accelerated start with this self-paced, highly directive course, based on our bestselling 1 to 1 new business coaching service.


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Designed for agencies who know they need more new business leads fast, but don't have any idea how, and can't afford/ don't want to use an external resource.

This self-paced, lifetime access and highly directive guide walks you through every step of developing a lightweight, low cost and highly effective new business strategy that opens conversations with thousands of targeted prospective clients per year.

Through a combination of video demos, written guides, templates and audio files, you'll have a thriving new business pipeline in place in a matter of weeks.

As long as you put the work in you'll see your diary plump out with warm new business calls, and will most likely significant ROI on your investment in a short space of time.

Note that this is directive instruction, we don't implement it: that's your job.


Win Clients Consistently

How much is it?

This is an investment of £1500, for lifetime access.

You can implement the suggestions included in this process free of charge, but please note that external software totalling £700 per year (at time of writing) and paid directly to providers, will be required to fully follow the steps included.

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What does it include?

Niche and Challenges

Objective: Develop a clear target audience for each quarter of the year that represents your service, expertise, and which needs your support. Define the key challenges that decision-makers in these sectors face.

Result at the end of this stage: A 500-5000 strong list of named prospects in each industry that you’d like to know about your agency, and a key challenge that they are facing that you can credibly address.

Time to complete: 4 hours

Generous resource

Objective: Create a free resource for prospective clients that addresses a key challenge that they are facing that you can credibly contribute to.

Result at the end of this stage: You’ll have developed a free resource, such as a PDF guide, email mini-course webinar, or consulting time, that services a need your prospective clients have. One that they’d be happy to exchange their email address to receive. 

Time to complete: 8 hours

Find and connect

Objective: Approach your prospective clients in an intelligent, well received way, with no wasted time or energy.

Result at the end of this stage: You’ll be connecting with 100 targeted potential clients a week (with the opportunity to scale much further) with an offer that they genuinely appreciate, setting you aside from the masses.

Time to complete: 2 hours

Raise hand for resource

Objective: Distribute the generous resource to the prospective clients who indicate that they’re interested. This will largely be automated, with no wasted time or energy.  

Result at the end of this stage: You’ll be answering be getting ‘raised hands’ indicating interest in your company, and convert them to email contacts on a daily basis. 

Time to complete: max of 15-30 minutes daily

Converse and call

Objective: Move your interested prospects to a chemistry phone call, with no wasted time or energy.

Result at the end of this stage: we’re aiming for 3+ quality chemistry calls with qualified prospective clients on a weekly basis.

Time to complete: max of 2.5 hours calls and follow up each week

Following up

Objective: Develop the challenges you hear on your chemistry call into a tailored and appealing proposal for next steps working together, and ensure that you’re timely and relevantly keeping in contact with them (and the prospects you haven’t spoken to yet) to ensure you stay front of mind.

Result at the end of this stage: An implemented keeping in touch strategy for prospects and clients that keeps you front of mind and in good will for upcoming projects in the short to medium term, with no wasted time or energy.   

Time to complete: 3-4 hours monthly, more if you’re having more chemistry calls, or pace yourself when writing copy.

Is it right for me?

If you want to learn how to use smart, marketing and new business techniques to reach more prospects, convert more browsers into buyers, Win Clients Consistently is right for you. Our members tend to fall into one of these categories:

Young agency, big ambition, needs a steer 

Are you leading a design firm that is early stage, but ambitious to grow your revenues?

Charlotte is expert at guiding creatives who find themselves inadvertently in the agency 'rainmaker' role.

 Making your first new business hire

 Congratulations if this typifies your agency! This is a significant step to growth, but you likely don't have any best practices in place for this role.

That's where we come in: hand that newbie the login to this course, and see your agency's prospect approaches soar.

 Bigger agency, looking for new ideas

 Do you have an established new business resource, but you're looking to bring this in-house, or more efficient?

Use this course to explore new methods to raise your agency profile & win new business.

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Your teacher 

Charlotte founded Kaffeen to kick start growth for ambitious design businesses, with actionable, affordable and results-focused resources that make them visible and desirable to their dream clients.

In short, Charlotte helps to keep your studio busy. 

Prior to founding Kaffeen, Charlotte served as a Marketing Director at leading London brand design agency BrandOpus. There, she supported the scaling of the business from boutique agency of 30 to global market leader of 100, directing all marketing across Europe, American and Asian areas and supporting the launch of new, global offices to successfully win new business. 

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