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All the tools you need to attract New Business to your agency. Step by step guides from entering awards to becoming an industry thought leader.

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What are the Toolkits?

This toolkit is a culmination of my 15 years plus experience working with agencies to create and optimise their marketing and new business strategies. 
Everything I know works, is in here.

It contains playbooks, templates, contact lists, routines to follow, decks to present to your team, and emails scripts to send to your clients and prospects. It's a one-stop-shop for everything the ambitious design agency needs to grow.


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What our clients say

How much are toolkits?


Individual Toolkits: If you just need to ace a single topic, be it getting press for your projects, becoming a published author of opinion pieces, writing a winning award entry (to name a few topics) then this is the best option for you.

All priced at £250 to be affordable to the smallest, earliest stage agencies, individual toolkits are a one-time investment (not a subscription) and give you lifetime access to the content. 

The Complete Kaffeen Toolkit: If you need to tackle more than one topic, have hired a marketing bod and need to train them, or review and refresh your existing agency marketing strategy, you'll want y take a closer look at the complete toolkit.

This is a one-time investment (not a subscription) and gives you lifetime access to the content. This price to new students rises roughly bi-annually, as and when we add more content into the course. So get it before it goes up!

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How does it work?


Kaffeen Complete Toolkit Modules are divided down by topic, so you can easily navigate around.

The modules are each divided into 9 lessons, accompanied by easy-to-follow audio and written, done-for-you templates, swipe files, resource lists, and worksheets.

All of the training is online inside a private, Kaffeen member only site.

For more information on the Complete Toolkit, and to preview the curriculum, scroll down.

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Individual Toolkits

Explore and buy the current curriculum, and find out what's coming next.

Press for Success


Wondering how you get your name out there? You need to get off the owned media and into those earned media channels! Includes everything you need to communicate with the media that your clients read.





  • Media list template with over 120 actual publication contact details, updated bi-annually

  • 3x press release templates based on 15 years of experience

  • Template emails to internal team and client stakeholders to get people on board

  • Template email to introduce your company to journalists so they pay attention when you send a press release

  • My exact process to getting the most press for your launch

  • A brief to your design team to give your images the best chance of press coverage

  • Your very own press planner template to make sure that your press is consistent and timely

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Sharpen Your Agency Image Online


Often house jobs are the hardest. And the website has got to be the worst, right? They say that a website is never finished but get yours as close to damn it with this action-focused toolkit based on my single-handed redevelopment of multiple major agency sites.


  • My tried and tested case study writer template

  • Understanding your audience so you reach them more effectively

  • Website structure 101

  • What are directories and how to use them

  • Keeping Google happy

  • Expert tips on writing content

  • How to use newsletters

  • The role of social in your business

  • SEO checklist

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How not to waste your money on awards


To enter or not to enter? That’s the question on a thousand agency’s lips. Are awards worth it? Which should you enter? How to write a winning entry? This toolkit helps you to shape an awards strategy that meets client expectations and passes the FD’s hawk-eye approach to awards spend. 



  • A list of over 70 award schemes in the FMCG, marketing, design and packaging industries. Including prices, links, deadline month, location, winner announcement dates and more. Updated bi-annually.

  • My exact process to writing a winning entry

  • Template emails to internal and client stakeholders, to ask for the information you need to compile the entry

  • Expert tools and tips on how to gather information without client input

  • A tried and tested multipurpose entry template, with ‘fill in the gaps’ guidance on how to make it a winner. Note that this will need customising based on the requirements of each award.

  • A brief to your design team to get the entry looking tip-top

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How to be a Thought Leader


We occupy an exciting part of the world. So why is the content we read in our trade media often as dry and dull as chomping on crisp-breads? Want to cultivate content that addresses the bigger client challenges and opportunities? Want to get those thought pieces published?


  • Media list template with over 100 actual publication contact details, updated bi-annually.

  • Article topic generator to help you create a minimum of 5 solid article pitches per hour.

  • Template email to journalists, so they want to publish you in the publications your clients and prospects read.

  • How to get your spokespeople press-ready.

  • My exact process to writing and getting your article published. A winning template that’s reduced my article writing time from ½ a day to 1 hour.

  • Checklist to get the most mileage out of your published article. Because I’m all about repurposing and recycling, rather than reinventing the wheel.

  • Thought Leadership process playbook - my exact process to being seen in the right light and right places, in a handy step by step guide.

  • Little black book of the best contacts in our niche, in case you need more support.

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Design Effectiveness Award Success


“It’s not about design, they’re about the difference design makes”

If it's the one awards worth entering, make it worth your while. This toolkit includes everything you need to ensure your DBA Design Effectiveness Award entry has the best chance of success.




  • A tried and tested entry template, with ‘fill in the gaps’ guidance on how to make it a winner

  • Template emails to internal and client stakeholders, to ask for the information you need to compile the entry

  • Expert tools and tips on how to gather information without client input

  • A brief to your design team to get the entry looking tip top

  • A schedule to make sure you’re on track with your entries

  • Examples of our favourite previously winning entries, for you to reference.

  • A deck for you to introduce the awards & their importance, to your client services team

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Coming soon


Around every six months, we add new content and features into the toolkit. When that happens, the price rises. Below are some of the upcoming modules scheduled for release over this year and next.


Upcoming modules include:


Bossing Events

Become the hosts with the most: this events module briefs you on everything you need to consider before building a speaking programme for your agency. Save time and get gigs in front of future clients quicker with this action-focused guide.

New Business Planning

How to plan your new business efforts so that you shift from scattergun to laser-focused, and see the subsequent results in your revenue uplift.

Keeping in touch

How to make sure you make the most of every new business opportunity by maintaining contact with your prospects.

Referral success

How to make your existing network of clients and contacts unlock new business opportunities for your agency with ease. 


Complete Toolkits

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Is it right for me?

If you want to learn how to use smart, marketing and new business techniques to reach more prospects, convert more browsers into buyers, the Kaffeen Toolkits are for you. Our typical members fall into one of these categories:

 Young agency, big ambition, needs a steer


Are you leading a design firm that is early stage, but ambitious to grow your revenues?

You're likely a creative first and foremost and need guidance on how to 'do sales', raise awareness of your agency and scale your client base.

 Making your first marketing hire

Congratulations if this typifies your agency! This is a significant step to growth, but you likely don't have any best practices in place for this role.

That's where we come in: hand that newbie this toolkit for the best foundation to their job.

 Bigger agency, looking for new ideas


Do you have an established marketing & new business resource, but you're looking to bring this inhouse, or more efficient?

Use this toolkit to explore new methods to raise your agency profile & win new business.

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Your teacher

founded Kaffeen to kick start growth for ambitious design businesses, with actionable, affordable and results-focused resources that make them visible and desirable to their dream clients.

In short, Charlotte helps to keep your studio busy. 

Prior to founding Kaffeen, Charlotte served as a Marketing Director at leading London brand design agency BrandOpus. There, she supported the scaling of the business from boutique agency of 30 to global market leader of 100, directing all marketing across Europe, American and Asian areas and supporting the launch of new, global offices to successfully win new business.