Steven Novick, Founder At Farmstand, on the real priorities when founding a food-tech business.

Food-tech business
As founder at Farmstand, Steven Novick is  developing the future of food-tech business.
Farmstand promises to deliver healthy, convenient, affordable meals, feed your family in 5 minutes from £4.50/person, use no added sugar, and create no packaging waste.
The New York Times said of the company, "with economical breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is wellness for all.”
And with a background in investment banking, venture capital and environmental impact accelerators, plus as a builder of 2 billion-dollar businesses, climber of summits, if anyone can do it, it's Steven.
Steven says of his passion for this project: "Beating cancer made me passionate about healthy food and growing up working class made me appreciate affordability + convenience which is why I started Farmstand. When Covid hit I sold my house to fund our pivot into a DTC healthy, convenient, affordable meal delivery subscription service."
Steven knows that although product is vital, an aspirational brand is key to Farmstand's success, that's why he's engaged Kaffeen fave, B&B studio. This may be about food, but when it comes to references for his merch, Steven links back to Patagonia, LuluLemon and Gym Shark.
So listen in to hear more about what a founder really has on their mind when they approach a design agency to help them develop their future-thinking food brand.
Show notes:

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