Ryan Shaw, Executive Creative Director at Landor & Fitch.

Ryan Shaw, Executive Creative Director at Landor & Fitch.
On this episode of the Kaffeen Espresso podcast, I'm delighted to be joined by Ryan Shaw of Landor & Fitch.
Ryan is Executive Creative Director in the London studio, with 14 years’ experience in both consumer and corporate branding across many markets, industries and clients. He has delivered a great variety of projects including global identity programs, brand architecture, packaging design systems, retail design, environmental design, digital design and airline branding. Previous clients include Etihad, Accenture, M&S and Nestlé.
Ryan’s projects have received many accolades over the years not just in design but in effectiveness. His approach to branding is centred around a single belief, "That people will never forget the way you make them feel" – which is always driven by compelling strategy.
Listen into this episode for topics like:
  • Post-pandemic hiring challenges
  • Developing and sticking to a philosophy that defines your work
  • The best ways to draw attention to your skills and style as a design graduate
  • Tips to graduates about how to thrive in your first agency role
So without further ado, over to Ryan.

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