More top tips on how to write copy that converts prospects to clients.

On this episode of the Kaffeen Espresso podcast, I'm delighted to be joined by Eman Ismail of Inkhouse.
We're chatting today because email is one of the most valuable, economical but poorly used resources that agencies have in their marketing & new business toolkits.
Personally I'm on a mission with my own clients to get them to introduce consistent, relevant and value-filled emails to their profile-raising toolkits, but I'm by no means the master of this. In fact I am working with Eman myself to leverage this in my own business, and learn more on behalf of my own clients in the process.
Listen into the second episode of this two-parter for answers to questions like:
  • Who is better at copy that converts: B2B or B2C businesses?
  • What are the opportunity costs for B2B of not addressing this?
  • Any advice on how to nail great email strategy when you don't have a dedicated marketing person?
  • What is an 'evergreen' email strategy, and why should businesses know about it?
  • How do you recommend businesses new to converting copy writing get started?
  • What are you excited about within the email and copywriting in the next few years?
So without further ado, over to Eman.

To your success,

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