Ben Vear, Commercial Director at Minor Figures on priorities at a rapidly growing, carbon neutral brand.

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On this episode of the Kaffeen Espresso podcast, I'm delighted to be joined by Ben Vear, Commercial Director at Minor Figures, a plant-based, 100% vegan, carbon neutral alt m*lk company. If you take oat milk in your flat white, you'll likely have tried Minor Figures, even if you're not aware of the brand. It's a barista fave.
Minor Figures is in a huge growth phase, over doubling it's team size in the last 18 months, and now available in over 27 countries globally (at the time of writing, and growing all the time).
Ben's previous experience spans Mars, BEAR Nibbles, Emily's Crisps and Babease (which previous podcast guest Tom Hardy worked on the brand redesign).  In short, he's a seasoned challenger brand pro!
Listen into this episode for insights like:
  • How f&b brands are managing carbon neutrality
  • What the in-house / external creative team mix looks like at Minor Figures
  • How to scale pack design globally, at speed
So without further ado, over to Ben.

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