4 Months Kick Start Coaching 

Get your new business pipeline off to an accelerated start with bespoke solutions, direction & accountability from our founder Charlotte.

4 instalments of £2500
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Is Coaching For Me?

Designed for agencies who know they need an external, objective eye. Our in-person support is the fastest way to identify a challenge, and action a plan to resolve it.

You'll work with Kaffeen founder Charlotte every 2 weeks for 4 months,

As long as you put the work in you'll see results and likely significant ROI over our time together.

Note that this is directive coaching, we don't implement: that's your job.

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How much is it?

4 Month Kick Start Coaching: This is an investment of £10,000, paid in 4, monthly instalments of £2500, all in. Coaching takes. the form of 10 hours over 8 Zoom sessions in four months, in fortnightly intervals. You receive call recordings and actions after each session.

You'll also receive lifetime access to Win Clients Consistently - our self-serve blueprint for agency lead generation - offering the most comprehensive foundation for your agency revenue growth. 

Typically, by the end of this coaching you'll have the following in place and running:

> A 500-5000 strong list of named, targeted prospects you'd like to work with. 

> A free resource, such as a PDF guide, email mini-course webinar, that services a need your prospective clients have.

> be connecting with 100 targeted potential clients a week without asking them for business.

> be converting cold leads to email contacts on a daily basis. 

> be having 3+ quality chemistry calls with qualified prospective clients on a weekly basis.

> A keep in touch strategy for prospects and clients that keeps you front of mind and in good will for upcoming projects, with no wasted time or energy.   

What our clients say

Emma, CEO - MYWW


I really wish I had met Charlotte 12 months ago as I knew I wanted to get to a smarter approach to my agency marketing but I just couldn't work it out by myself.

In just a few weeks she has already elevated our marketing/sales activity by 1000%. She is easy to work with, generous with her knowledge and insights - highly recommended.

Matt, Founder - Sublime


Within 10 days of our first call, Charlotte sharpened our target audience, and helped us plan and start a lead generation campaign that is already growing our pipeline for the first time in months.

David, Founder - Flashlight


It has been a real pleasure working with Charlotte at Kaffeen.  She really took the time to understand the Flashlight business and how we could create impact together using her tried and tested tools and techniques.

I always looked forward to our coaching sessions and got a huge amount out of them.

I would highly recommend getting in touch with Charlotte if you are looking to elevate your marketing and business development profile.

What does it include?

Explore the current curriculum and find out what's coming next.

Kick Start Coaching

  • 2-hour kick-off session via video call
  • 2x hour-long progress calls per month for 4 months
  • Access to Charlotte via voice messaging for pressing questions with a target of 1 working day response time
  • Specific actions set after every call to ensure you’re always making progress
  • Online presence audit
  • An extensive self-guided sales & marketing critique
  • A document that outlines what I think your marketing & new business priorities are, so you can continue to follow my guidance after our 4 months has ended.
  • Lifetime access to Win Clients Consistently, so you can train your new business team, effortlessly.
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Is it right for me?

If you want to learn how to use smart, marketing and new business techniques to reach more prospects, convert more browsers into buyers, Kaffeen Coaching is right for you. Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:

Young agency, big ambition, needs a steer


Are you leading a design firm that is early stage, but ambitious to grow your revenues?

Charlotte is expert at guiding creatives who find themselves inadvertently in the agency 'rainmaker' role.

Making your first marketing hire


Congratulations if this typifies your agency! This is a significant step to growth, but you likely don't have any best practices in place for this role.

That's where we come in: hand that newbie over to Charlotte for 4 months of directive training based on your agency's goals and needs.

Bigger agency, looking for new ideas


Do you have an established marketing & new business resource, but you're looking to bring this inhouse, or more efficient?

Work with Charlotte to explore new methods to raise your agency profile & win new business.

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Your teacher

founded Kaffeen to kick start growth for ambitious design businesses, with actionable, affordable and results-focused resources that make them visible and desirable to their dream clients.

In short, Charlotte helps to keep your studio busy. 

Prior to founding Kaffeen, Charlotte served as a Marketing Director at leading London brand design agency BrandOpus. There, she supported the scaling of the business from boutique agency of 30 to global market leader of 100, directing all marketing across Europe, American and Asian areas and supporting the launch of new, global offices to successfully win new business.

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